1. Piping
    Removing old unsightly pipework Extending pipework Replacing pipework Noisy pipework
  2. Stop Cocks
    Would you know where your stop tap is in the event of a leak? Most Stop taps are often difficult to access. If not used they can become difficult to close. We can fit lever type taps in a more accessible location to enable them to be quickly turned off in the event of a leak We can also fit the latest push button stop valves that allow the water supply to be turned off at the press of a switch, just like your light switch. These are ideal for the elderly or people with limited mobility, Or anyone simply wanting an easy and quick way of stopping the cold water supply.
  3. Leaks
    That leak might be causing further damage We will locate and identify the leak and repair or replace the faulty item
  4. Drainage
    Blocked waste pipes Sink or wash basin not emptying Give us a call
  5. Showers
    We can supply and fit shower cubicles or shower cabins, if you have purchased one we offer a fitting service, You don't have to buy the shower from us
  6. Outside taps
    All outside taps should be fitted to ensure that no contamination can enter your drinking water! Do your outside taps comply with the Water Regulators Advisory Scheme WRAS All of the outside taps we fit comply with the latest WRAS Regulations


We fit wet rooms.

We use Impey wet room Products for a water tight  wet room!